The winners in the Environmental Impact category demonstrate the use of innovative environmental solutions in the project.


The winning projects in the Economic Impact category represent redevelopments that create long-term economic benefits to local communities.


The winners in the Social Impact category represent redevelopment projects that create long-term social benefits to local communities.


Winners in the Sustainability category represent the gold standard of balancing the social, economic and environmental impacts of a project that render it "sustainable”.


The winners of the Energy Impact category represent the gold standard of projects that use brownfields for energy.


finalists by year
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Environmental Impact

1 to 3.org

The goal of this project was to completely renovate, rehabilitate, and expand a contaminated, vacant and functionally obsolete building in order…

QWDC Parcel 8

Through this groundbreaking solution, the project not only achieved the specific remedial objectives, which included preventing human and animal…

Ventower Industries

The project's environmental response actions relied on exposure mitigation techniques incorporated into the redevelopment design, instead of…

Economic Impact

Glatfelter Redevelopment Project

The initial phases of the project are complete and are the subject of this award nomination. The first phase of the project was completed in…

Devon Energy Center

The project has had and no doubt will continue to have significant economic and other impacts for the betterment of not just downtown Oklahoma…

Accident Fund Holdings

The $182,000,000 project encompassed several elements including the power station and addition, land/site development and construction of a…

Social Impact

The Steel Yard

What makes project unique: The integration of engineering with placemaking and the smart use of material and method in the design make the Steel…

Kroc Community Center

Several factors make this project unique from other successful brownfields projects. The most notable is the turnaround of a large blighted,…

Tinker Aerospace Complex

This amazing economic redevelopment success story is unique on many levels; however, the community-driven funding mechanism and the unprecedented…

Sustainability Impact

Brewery Vivant

The main goals were to renovate and rehabilitate three vacant functionally obsolete buildings in the City of Grand Rapids.

Accident Fund Holdings

The $182,000,000 project encompassed several elements including the power station and addition, land/site development and construction of a…

Cumberland Park

The project was publicly funded through Nashville MDHA for a total cost of $9.5 million.

Brownfields For Energy


The goal of the project is to determine whether placement of a self?ballasting photovoltaic solar racking system will affect a closed landfill's…

Greenfield Solar Farm

The project has taken the municipal landfill and put 2 megawatts of solar panels on top of the cap to supply the Town of Greenfield MA with…