38 Commerce

38 Commerce SW, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Please provide a brief overview of the project.

The project consists of the demolition of an existing building and the construction of a new “liner” building at the southeast corner of Commerce and Weston and the construction of the northern portion of a second building along Commerce to the south of the first building. Both are located at 38 Commerce Ave. SW in the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The building at the south east corner of Commerce and Weston is a six story building with retail on the first floor and office space on the remaining floors. The retail/office area is to consist of a total of 35,000 square feet.

The northern portion of the second building is to be constructed on the property along Commerce south of the building described above will be an eight story building with retail on the first floor and apartments and condominiums on the remaining floors. The building is expected to contain approximately 3,000 square feet of retail space, approximately 18 apartments units and approximately 5 condominium units in this portion of the building.

These buildings (including the balance of the second building to be constructed at 54 Commerce Avenue SW) will provide a pedestrian friendly streetscape and will screen a new six story public parking ramp to be constructed by the City of Grand Rapids immediately behind the new buildings. The parking ramp is expected to contain 360 spaces. 70-75 spaces will be reserved for rent by the users of the buildings with the balance being open to the public. The ramp and buildings will be connected, providing easy access between the office and the new buildings and the adjacent parking facility.

Location: SE Corner of Commerce Avenue and Weston Street in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Approximate size of the site (in acres): 1.62 acres

Former use of the site: There was an obsolete, unusable office building on the site that was demolished prior to the new construction.

Actual end use of the site: The end use of the site is two LEED certified liner buildings and a 375 space public parking ramp. The buildings have 36,000 square feet of office space, a ground floor restaurant, a roof-top bar, clear-span construction, and floor to ceiling glass. There are also, 35 apartments and eight two-story condos. The building includes a green roof system that will reduce the amount and rate of storm water runoff and reduce water consumption through the use of climate tolerant plantings on the green roof.

Date the project was completed: (opened to tenants April 1, 2010) Grand Opening – Thursday, May 27, 2010

City of Grand Rapids,
300 Monroe NW, Grand Rapids, Michigan

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