Goodwin College

One Riverside Drive, East Hartford, Connecticut

Please provide a brief overview of the project.

a. Goal of the project: Goodwin College, a nonprofit accredited college, initiated this project in 2007 with the goal of establishing a new campus and magnet High School along the Connecticut River in East Hartford, Conn. In order to achieve that goal, Goodwin College purchased tax delinquent, blighted riverfront property that was home to a defunct oil terminal and took steps to remediate and redevelop the site in partnership with state and federal environmental and economic development agencies.

b. Location of the site: The site is located at One Riverside Drive in East Hartford, CT along the Connecticut River in a former industrial area that has been transformed into a College and High School Campus. The college assembled over 500 acres of open space parcels in 2005 with the intention to assemble enough CT River floodplain to serve as a living laboratory for a future Environmental Studies degree program at the College (approved in 2008). This floodplain lies to the south of the Riverside Drive properties and extends to the area of the Route 3 Putnam Bridge.

c. Approximate size of the site (in acres): The property consists of 4 parcels that total 30 acres in size.

d. Former use of the site: The site was historically operated as a bulk oil terminal starting in the 1930s. The site historically received bulk fuel oil, diesel fuel, kerosene and gasoline by barge that travelled up the Connecticut River. Later, pipelines were used to supply the bulk storage tanks. Over the history of its use, there were at least 35 underground storage tanks and 36 aboveground storage tanks associated with the former oil terminal operations with a total capacity of over 3.7 million gallons. The oil terminal operations on the site that spanned just short of 80 years of intensive use left the site with significant environmental obstacles that needed to be overcome. However, the attributes of this site – in its size and location on the Connecticut River added significant value to the site, if the environmental challenges could be overcome.

e. Actual end use of the site: The end use for site was an expansion of Goodwin College consisting of a 109,000 square foot flagship academic and administration building serving over 2,000 students. The building includes 39 classrooms, 6 high-tech science labs, 3 computer labs, a 700-seat auditorium, a library, a student lounge, a cafe, administrative offices, 2 community rooms and a third floor outdoor roof patio. In addition, Goodwin College has started the Connecticut River Academy, an early college high school that will host students of grades 9 through 12 and provide them with the opportunity to earn college credit beginning in grade 11. The academic focus of the high school includes river studies; land, water and air quality; plant and animal growth; human ecology; and renewable energy.

f. Date the project was completed: December 18, 2008

Office of Brownfield Remediation and Development & Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD),
State of Connecticut, Hartford, Connecticut

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