Knappā€™s Centre Historic Brownfield Redevelopment Project

300 S Washington Avenue, Lansing, Michigan

1. Project overview

The goal of the project was to redevelop a large privately owned and long dormant six-story former department store building that presented many challenges, but also the opportunity to create a large, vibrant and attractive mixed use building in Lansing. By doing so jobs and new tax base would be created, plus new businesses from a business incubator to be located in the 190,000 square foot Knapp's building. The historic landmark was much more than just another vacant building, it loomed large as the dominant private building in the core downtown area, sitting at a prominent intersection, and provided the opportunity to make a major contribution to the City's ongoing recovery from the recent economic recession. It served many uses in its long life, its most famous being the Knapp's department store in Lansing. The redevelopment was completed in 2014 and currently houses retail and office businesses plus residents.

Lansing Area Economic Partnership (LEAP),
1000 S. Washington Ave, Lansing, Michigan

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