Modern Electroplating Facility Redevelopment - From Brownfields to Boston's First LEED®-Certified Police Station

2430 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts

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The 2.6-acre former Modern Electroplating Facility sits in the heart of Roxbury, a historic Boston neighborhood. The site was one of the most contaminated and high-profile Brownfields in Boston, and its estimated cleanup costs were a disincentive for private developers.

In 2007, Mayor Thomas Menino and the City of Boston developed a Dudley Square Vision master plan that outlined the City’s commitment to improve this environmental justice neighborhood.

Step 1 included demolition and remediation of the Modern Electroplating Site, thus creating space for the construction of a new LEED-Gold police station, which in turn opened up the remainder of the Dudley Square area for redevelopment. The City’s financial investment in the project helped procure multiple federal and state funding sources for the site’s cleanup and redevelopment.

The combination of chlorinated solvents and metals in the soil and groundwater created a complex remedial challenge. Contaminants remediated included over 1,000 cubic yards of asbestos containing material; 15,000 tons of chlorinated solvent- and metals-impacted soil; and treatment of contaminated groundwater using innovative in-situ chemical reduction. The site cleanup and opening of the police station in 2011 has since spurred additional redevelopment in the neighborhood.

Weston & Sampson Engineers,
5 Centennial Drive, Peabody, Massachusetts

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