Lansing Armory

330 Marshall Street, Lansing, Michigan

Please provide a brief overview of the project.

The goal of the Armory project was to revitalize an 84-year old building that was once the home to the 119th Field Artillery Regiment and turn it into a fully functioning, working building, where nonprofit organizations could share their collaborative efforts.

The Armory which was formerly addressed as 300 Elvin Court, but changed to 330 Marshall Street Lansing, Michigan, is located between Saginaw Street and Michigan Avenue, on the east side of the road. The building is located directly across from Lansing Catholic Central and just south of Pattengill Middle School.

The site size is approximately 4.5 acres. The building is 38,500 square feet of office space.

The site was originally built in 1924 by the Michigan National Guard as the military installation to the 119th Field Artillery Regiment. It housed and deployed soldiers during major foreign conflicts as well as U.S. soil protection including deployments to the Detroit and Flint riots.

The end use was the same as the goal of the project; the building was revitalized into a fully functioning office building. It comprises 38,000 square feet of office space that houses eight nonprofits who all share in the collaboration of services including information technology, conference room space, copy room, break rooms, kitchens and mail and postage stations.

The project was completed fully February 2012.

Gillespie Group,
330 Marshall Street, Lansing, Michigan

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